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Cruis’in for a Bruis’in

Vacation is a time to sit back, relax, explore new places, and make memories that will stay with us forever. One of the more popular kinds of vacations are cruises. Many companies such as Royal Caribbean, Disney, and Norwegian Cruise lines have provided a most exciting vacation for some. One company though, that is among the greatest company’s of the seas is Carnival, which has had some major problems over the past year. In one instance they had a ship sink due to the captain not paying attention to where the ship was going and how close he was to the land. As a frequent cruiser on both Carnival and Royal Caribbean this came to be a major shock for me, mainly because I have never experienced a problem with any part of their crews for the past 12 years. As a vacationer, it bothers me that the captain was not paying attention and putting not only the ship at risk but also the crew and passengers. Many of people have trusted Carnival for years and even thought that the crash was not an engine malfunction but a human problem instead. Unfortunately, we would not be able to say the same for another one of Carnival’s ships, whose engined died and had a backed up plumbing system. This now make me question where or not these ships that are being cleared to sail are up to code or even being maintained correctly. Although, I will say I went on a Carnival ship over the past summer and had an enjoyable time with my family, there were still times I questioned the health of the ship. After these two events occurring I’m positive that Carnival is doing any and everything to win back the trust of its loyal cruisers.


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